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We consistently hear the criticism of the “me generation” and the self-centered culture we have created…and my thinking today is not to undermine or support the merits of such positions.

But today, I think of the misplaced power of “they” and “me”, with “they” being allocated too much power and “me” being allocated way too little power.

We value power.Yet we give it away freely to those, for example,in certain professional positions or of wealth — the “they”. Individually, it is our power; we own it, and we choose to keep it or distribute it, either deliberately or tacitly.More often than not, I think we feel defeated individually, especially when it comes to individual power.

As an aside, I was at Meijers (a supermarket/soft goods department store) this morning, and I found notebook paper, bound 70- count college ruled for 10 cents each. (My keyboard doesn’t have the cent symbol handy — imagine that). There were pallets of them. I bought ten notebooks. My daughter asked my why, and I told her that the Australians would say it was a “good value” — that is, cheap.

And, I said, I need to write. “On paper?” she inquired. On paper, indeed, as I prefer a #2 pencil and paper to develop my original drafts — and block print, not cursive. It is slow, but effective, as it gives my slow moving brain time to work in anticipation of the words that sometimes magically appear on the paper.

So,I got to thinking about this Facebook thing. I am continually amazed by the recollection my “friends” have for song lyrics and their passion, for example, for melodies, literature and scripture. Seemingly simple photos have bigger-than-life implications.Little “awe moments” move mountains. And I have come to realize that these things not only are valued by these people, but also these things are really powerful, particularly to the “me”.

So, I looked in the mirror this morning and thought:

Pick up a #2 pencil and take back the “me” power.Write your lyrics, melodies, literature, stories and scripture. Take back the conversation from Washington and wealth. Employ your embedded personal gifts to protect your personal freedoms, rights and power.

Paper is on sale at Meijers.

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