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In God We Trust

Sometimes my mind wanders when I am sitting through the Sunday morning church service. Actually, my mind wanders every Sunday — I proudly attribute this to my ability to multi-task.

In church this past Sunday, I started to ponder God’s definition of value, but I was disappointed to find essentially one “value” verse, and it had to do with God valuing us more than many sparrows — how comforting.

It then occurred to me that maybe the question I should be asking is not how does God define value; rather, the question is what does God value. For if we know what God values,then we might develop a God-defined value construct. I quickly realized that this is going to take a while, since God, according to the scriptures, has some pretty definite ideas on what He values.

Nonetheless, I was immediately struck with the notion of TRUST. Does trust intrinsically have value?Does God value trust? Yes and yes. For some reason, we human beings consider trust to be the primary thing that binds relationships.

Is it any different for, say, businesses? Is trust the critical variable that binds businesses to customers, and customers to businesses? And does a relatively greater level of trust lead to greater business value?

I posit that greater trust leads to not only greater levels of revenues and cash flows to the business, but also that the earnings streams will be more stable as trusted businesses are patronized with greater loyalty — and both of these postively affect the value of the firm.

And isn’t it interesting that a brand, logo or slogan often captures the essence of the trust relationship. We speak of brands you can trust, but isn’t it really the depth and breadth of the business-customer relationship that explains trust, not a logo or symbol?

I wonder what God thinks? …I might be able to answer this question if I paid attention on Sunday mornings…

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