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Hard Working…but Unmotivated

I generalize that my students at Kalamazoo College are very hard working, yet unmotivated. They relish stress! In fact, the more stress they have, the happier they seemingly are because they believe their world wants and will reward them for busyness, hard work and stress.

I contend that if you give these students a recipe and ask them to bake cookies, you best join Weight Watchers. But if you ask them to develop a recipe and bake cookies, you will surely starve.

These same students have decided to use their undergraduate careers to manufacture transcripts. I am regularly asked by my students to opine on the curricular maneuvering required to achieve a third major and/or a double minor. They believe this will make them distinctive and valuable. And they work really hard to achieve these results.

Three majors, two minors, four student activities, two varsity sports and little or no motivation to really learn: what’s the value of this?

P.S. Dear Employers, throw away the resumes and transcripts; instead, ask the student interviewee what he (she) learned during his (her) undergraduate education; please let me know if you get anything but a rote answer or a blank stare.

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1. B P Moffit wrote:
The hardest thing I have found to learn is, HOW to learn and What to learn. I have no problem with wanting to learn Perhaps that is one of our parents and (former teachers) gifts

Thu, January 12, 2012 @ 4:43 AM

2. B P Moffit wrote:
Put them is the Middle of a forest with food, water and a compass, chances are they will still there in a week. Put them in the same location without food Water and a compass.
A corollary of our current Health Care Bills and or welfare perhaps.

Thu, January 12, 2012 @ 4:43 AM

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