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God, I need a financial breakthrough!

I have been conducting an unscientific survey of Biblical financial acumen of TV preachers (We academics think of crazy research questions like this to justify our existence.). The “prosperity preachers” are a “no-brainer”, but the more evangelical ones require a little due diligence. Today was an enlightening day. The altar call I witnessed synthesized my research.

The preacher asked the congregation who needed work on their souls (i.e., salvation or recommitment) — a dozen or so of the thousand-plus crowd raised their hands. He then asked who needed healing or health, and at least 25% of the congregation raised their hands. Then he asked, who needs a financial breakthrough? Holy moly, sweet mama Moffit, 90% of the congregation raised their hands — some raised both hands!

Although skeptical, I was delighted to learn that so few of the congregation needed work on their souls — but what’s this “financial breakthrough” business? For some reason, I have this, perhaps, presumptive idea that if the soul is in good shape, there should be a stronger correlation to financial health.

Oh well, here’s to your health!…spiritual, physical and especially financial!

Happy Fourth!

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