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Fire Your HR Department

I am woefully unimpressed by the debilitations of the human resources effort in most organizations — I know; I am in good company on this one. But the reminder came to me recently when a female administration employee of a health care provider organization informed me of their “corporate rules” for female employees:

1. You must wear closed-toe shoes

2. You must wear pantyhose

3. You must shave your armpits…and so on.

After several exhalations of genuine disgust, I found the strength to ponder the expediency of these rules…I came up with nothing. Instead, I contemplated writing my MBA Ivy League alma mater, requesting a refund for its deliberate omission of such critical strategies in the management courses which they so proudly espouse. I missed out on this corporate doctrine thing; there is obviously a school of morons out there with nothing better to do than develop rules that stifle organizational effectiveness via neutering employee creativity, problem solving, and the simple joy of being productive.

I have an idea: Why don’t we develop a curriculum for human resource professionals that encourages collaboration, organic creativity, productive culture development and, in general, “coloring outside of the lines”? Or, let’s remove the stumbling block of the traditional human resources effort — that is, fire them! — and embrace the heretical.

I vote for sandals for men and women!

(…by the way, I added the “shaved arm pit rule” for effect, but be on the lookout because it will probably end up in your next employee handbook).

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