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Is Value Absolute?

Philosophical absolutism is the metaphysical perspective that there is an absolute reality, and that reality is separate or independent from human reality or knowledge. An absolute reality exists beyond the human knowledge constraints of time and space. Reality exists in spite of humans.

Plato said,

“I think that if anything is beautiful besides absolute beauty
it is beautiful for no other reason than because it partakes
of absolute beauty…, that beautiful things are
beautiful through beauty.“ (Phaedo 100c-d)

Is beauty absolute? Plato thinks so. What about value?

Asked differently, does value exists apart from human perception and/or knowledge? Is value intrinsic to a certain thing and independent of human thinking? Or does value only exist because it is perceived by people as consumers?

If we agree that value is perceived, it is then subject to a relative reality, and that is to say that value exists because of context. If context changes, then value changes. Think of any product or service and then move it geographically from market to market or through time.

Value changes, eh? Value is mostly relative to context...

…but, maybe it is a little absolute...stay tuned.

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