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10% of What?

Quite regularly, I receive an inquiry regarding the application of the tithe to life today as an American Christian. Some of the questions include:

• Should I tithe 10% of my gross pay or just the amount of my take-home pay?

• Should capital gains of stocks and bonds be included in my calculation of the tithe? Should I net out the losses I incur when I sell stocks and bonds that have declined in value?

• Should I consider “paper” profits and losses in my tithe calculation?

• Should I tithe 10% of monetary gifts and inheritances?

• Should I tithe 10% of just the “interest” portion of my IRA withdrawals or both the interest and principal portion? Note that I have already tithed 10% of the original contribution to the IRA account.

• Should I tithe 10% of the entire withdrawal from my Roth IRA? I didn’t tithe on the monthly deductions from my paycheck when I was funding the Roth.

• Should I tithe 10% of the value of the benefits my employer pays on my behalf (for example health and dental insurance)?

• Should I tithe 10% of my tax refunds? If I pay a tithe on only my take-home pay, I have not tithed on this portion of my remuneration.

• Should I tithe 10% of the value of non-monetary gifts or payments?

• Should I tithe 10% of the value of the goods and services I receive through my barter club?

• I just sold my house for a $100,000 profit. Should I tithe 10% of the profit?

• I just sold my house for a $100,000 loss. Should I carry that loss forward and apply it against future profits when calculating my tithe?

…and the list goes on and on…and the biblical answer to these questions…there isn’t one.

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1. Rob wrote:
Very timely and intersting considering our recent conversation. I appreciate your thoughts and comments on this intriguing subject...thank you for sharing the insight. Rob

Mon, March 12, 2012 @ 4:02 PM

2. Ahart wrote:
There were three tithes'. One went to the Levites. (and there aren't any now) One went to pay for your pirelimaggs to where YHVH's name was established' for the pilgrimage festivals. And the third went to support widows and orphans. How you should apply those principles today is a real challenge. The tithe wasn't stopped after 7 years, but during the land sabbath, you had very little increase (if you were a farmer)

Thu, March 29, 2012 @ 9:32 AM

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